Is child support required in Ohio after a child turns 18 and graduates from high school but the divorce order specifies until 19

original agreed entry 2000 states dad to pay child support until children age 19, but since then mom kidnapped the kids so dad got custody 2003. mom moved back to town 2006 and got rule 27 visitation but no child support exchanged since 2003 per new agreed entry. however, dad moving out of state when youngest child turns 18 and graduates high school, and latest agreed entry 2006 states remaining parent defaults to residential parent for school purposes. in this case child will attend college in same state but different city than mom and therefore not living with her but claiming her address for in-state tuition. can mom successfully file for child support from age 18 to 19 since later entries specified no support but did not modify age 19 factor? please advise

Columbus, OH -

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Peter Stephen Kirner

Peter Stephen Kirner

Family Law Attorney - Cleveland, OH

This question is confusing. However, if a child is 18, and graduated from high school there should be no support.

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