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Is certified mail sufficient service of divorce papers?

Beaverdam, OH |
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I have been having a hard time finding an address for my husband to serve him with divorce papers. I recently obtained an address for him from other court papers. I have sent mail to that address, and it is NOT being forwarded back to me, which was the case with previous addresses.

If I send the divorce papers certified mail and either get a signature or if they are refused, is this appropriate service in a divorce case?

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In Florida, you are required to have him served personally, usually by a Sheriff's deputy. Alternatively, you may have a process server appointed by the Court. Certified mail is generally not sufficient.

Check with your local clerk of court, as you may also be able to get service by publication (putting an ad in a local newspaper)

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Certified mail service is the type I prefer to use if an address is available & there is a reasonable belief that he will sign for [pick up] his mail. It is served by the clerk of court, as is all service in Ohio. There are other types of service which may be used, depending upon the circumstances of each case.

I recommend retaining an attorney in any termination of marriage proceeding, as there are many issues involved & the procedures alone are quite complex. Mistakes can follow you for years and cost you money too.

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Yes, certified mail is acceptable for service, provided that the court sends the mail certified. The court is required to send the certified mail.

You may also, after court approval, have a process server, personally hand the paperwork to your spouse (just like in the movies).

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