Is by law the contact that i can have with my sister restricted in any way...

I w convicted and dischargd my sentence for sexual assulting my sister . I have no restraining orders on me for it but she is still a minor. The reason i ask is she is going through a hard time right now and has tried to commit suicide several times and i want to help her.

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Richard Timothy Jones

Richard Timothy Jones

Criminal Defense Attorney - Austin, TX

If you're on parole or probation then they're may be restrictions on your ability to be around minors. Otherwise the only restriction would be if there were some other court order.
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Katherine Ellen Shipman

Katherine Ellen Shipman

Family Law Attorney - Conroe, TX

If you are on parole, then your ability to contact your sister may be limited by the conditions of your parole. However, you said you "discharged your sentence," which most attorneys would take to mean that you are neither on probation or parole and have fully served your sentence. Whether your can contact your sister may depend upon a number of factors that you have not included in your question. You should contact a criminal defense attorney in your area to consult with you about whether your contact with your sister is limited by law.

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