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Is abusive estranged spouse who I fled and am currently in hiding entitled to any lottery winnings I win (upwards of a million)?

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I left an abusive spouse, fled and left everything behind and went into hiding. the divorce has not yet been filed and its over a year. I don't want to give him any money, I have pictures of bruises where he assaulted me (not reported out of fear). Can I give the winning ticket to a friend? He does not deserve a penny and when I file my divorce soon I don't plan on rewarding him for turning my life upside down.

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Generally, post separation acquisitions are the property of the spouse of acquired it; so the date of separation is critical amd may be contested at trial; further, if community funds were used to buy the lottery ticket , he could argue that the winnings are C/P. I serve the court you use.

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I agree with my colleague's answer. I would be very careful giving your lottery ticket to your friend. That friend could walk away with all of the winnings and you would have to chase after him/her to get the proceeds. Besides, even if your friend helped you cash it out, there would still be a paper trail and your ex can still go after it. It's better to address this head on. Find an attorney, and fast.

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