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Is a text message enough for an OFP?

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The mother of my son does not give me updates on my son. I have asked her to do things like fix his glasses if she could because he cannot see out of them. She tells me I am harassing her and to stop texting her. I also gets texts back where she says that I am not a dad I just like the title and insults me. I have not insulted her but I text to see what is going on with my son and she claims she will file a order for protection against me. Are there grounds for this? She has full custody and is suppose to update me and does not. She texts me rude things all she wants and doesnt stop but tells me that she will get an OFP. She said threatening her for joint custody is a threat to get an OFP

She also threatened to send a cop to my house because I told her she neglects our sons medical needs.

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Nothing you have said here is grounds for an OFP. An OFP is for threats of bodily harm. My advice to you is to keep communication in writing as much as possible, so that it can be documented. Be polite and courteous, even when she is not. Continue to contact her and ask about your son, and how he is doing. Ask to speak to him on the phone if he is old enough. It sounds like you may have a court case in front of you, so imagine that everything you do and don't do right now will be scrutinized by the judge later.

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If you want to keep updated on your son, the last thing you want to do is to place an order on the mother that restrains her from contacting you. Your better option, like the previous attorney said, is to document what is happening to you and save all communication between the two of you. It makes it much easier to file a motion in court if you have to.

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There is nothing that would warrant an OFP here, as counsel have stated. I assume you posted about the HRO also here. That would be more where she would need to go.

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