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Is a search warrant thats not signed ok

Florence, WI |

the search warrant was not signed by the police officer who requested it from the judge.
was wondering if it is even half way legal....... then they came back a while later after they had completed the search and took pictures of the house and everything in it with another search warrant but never got the copy of it or even seen it.......... then they came back with another search warrant weeks later and gave us a copy of this one. but they came and took pictures of the whole house and everything in it again dug through everything again...... i do not see why they had to keep coming back . the last warrant was actually signed by the officer this time the first was not signed by him.... is it really legal search warrant.

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The short answer is that a criminal defense attorney may be able to challenge the swearch warrant and argue for a suppression of the evidence that was seized as a result of the warrant (meaning that the prosecutor may not have much of a case against you). This is a very fact specific analysis and you need to discuss it with a local criminal defense attorney if you are going to get anywhere with it.


It depends. First, the copy of the warrant you were given may not have been signed but the original was. It may have been a telephonic search warrant. All search warrants and the "return" on that warrant are supposed to be filed with the Clerk of Courts. Check there.

You need a local attorney to look into this for you. If you can't afford one, your should be talking with the Public Defender's office.

This is not legal advice, which requires a personal connection and far more facts.

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