Is a school allowed to kick someone out of a dorm for some type of violation they ar accusing me of, on the spot, with no notice

i am from out of state and don't even have a plane ticket. is this legal? doesn't this breach some type of housing law? i don't even have living arrangements made for where i live yet.

Lynbrook, NY -

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Peter Christopher Lomtevas

Peter Christopher Lomtevas

Family Law Attorney - Brooklyn, NY

You provide so little information that it is difficult to respond accurately.

If your school made you sign an agreement (a contract) specifying your living arrangements and details, then you have to go by that agreement. So if it says you can get kicked out for an infraction, then they are protected in what they did by that contract.

A public college may have some due process provisions which will limit the speed of eviction by imposing at least some kind of hearing, but even then, you have to live by the school's rules or else.

Good luck.

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Education Law Attorney - Fairfax, VA

Probably not illegal. Universities have wide latitude in enforcing their own housing matters--you signed a contract when you moved in to the dorms--what do the contract terms say?

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