Is a registry marriage contracted in Nigeria recognized in the US

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A registry marriage conducted in Nigeria is it accepted as a genuine legal marriage in the US

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My mother-in-law married a 17 year old nigerian boy who was pretending to be a 52 year old man on a dating site, then when caught in a lie he lied again and said was really 27. She died 32 days after marrying him. He is in Nigeria and we are in the United States, since we refused to send him any money before the case is settled, he has disappeared. We are trying to get the marriage annulled based on the fact that she was not in her right mind when she married him. Do we have a chance? Is there any other avenue we should explore

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  1. David Nabow Soloway

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    Answered . The answer provided by Elaine Martin is the best place to start in answering your question. Depending upon the context of the issue, however, there may be more to take into consideration.

    In the context of immigration, if a person is wishing to prove the existence of a marriage that is problematic according to Department of State rules, it may be advisable to complete another wedding ceremony.

    If a person is wishing to disprove the existence of a marriage, it may be advisable to complete a formal divorce. For example, in the context of immigration applications, if the couple considered themselves to be married and identified themselves as married on immigration-related documents, then it may be advisable for the couple to complete a formal divorce before either were to marry again, notwithstanding any quarrel the Department of State might have about the legal status of the initial marriage.

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