Is a red light photo ticket mailed to me from the City of Sheridan Police Department enforceable?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Englewood, CO

Tues 12:12 pm, 45 mph, busy lunchtime traffic & 2-lane left turn into large shopping complex controlled by traffic light. I was 2nd in line for turn, upon green light the car ahead moved forward immediately. I accelerated from a full stop, glanced at light as I started to cross the "stop here" line, saw that the light was already yellow even tho it hadn't been green for 5 seconds. If I had slammed on my brakes I would have been in the intersection, I continued thru the turn & light turned red. The total time elapsed from green to red was less than 10 seconds. Red light cameras are installed at busy dangerous intersections but this light was green only long enough for a single car in each lance to legally execute the turn. Link to online video errors so not available to prove elapsed time.

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    Answered . You CAN ignore the mailed ticket and insist on personal service BUT Sheridan may then assess the additional cost of serving the ticket personally against you.

    Frankly, these tickets are a nuisance but it is considerably easier to pay them than to fight them. They carry no driver's license consequences.

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  2. Answered . If you do not pay it, then Sheridan must personally serve you with the citation within 60 days of the alleged violation. If they do not do so, then the ticket is dismissed. If they do personally serve you, then you can have a hearing, which is the same as a trial to a judge. If you lose the trial, the worst that happens is they add $25 to the fine and tack on some court costs. This answer is provided as general information about a legal issue, is not legal advice... more
  3. Answered . I am not sure about Sheridan but in most cities these tickets are civil in nature and require you to pay the ticket in order to fight it. You can search my blog for my post on traffic cameras. Many courts are starting to find these violate due process. One judge in Ohio recently said that these red light cameras are equivalent to a high-tech game of three card monty where the accused can't win. My blog is at click on the blog tab and find the one on Red-Light Camera.

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