Is a Protective Order Necessary?

My ex keeps calling and texting me saying he's going to print out a PG-13 photo I sent him while we were together, and show it to all of his co- workers whom are now my ex co- workers. I've told him to stop contacting me but he keeps contacting me and I'm scared he might show up to my home. Is a Protective Order necessary?

Atlanta, GA -

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Jacquelyn F. Luther

Jacquelyn F. Luther

Litigation Lawyer - Atlanta, GA

A Protective Order is designed to protect against imminent bodily injury. It is intended to protect the person who has a reasonable fear, based on past but recent experience, involving domestic violence. You have not stated anything in your answer that suggest that there is a likelihood of bodily injury. Based on what appears in your question, it does not appear that there is enough for you to get a Protective Order.

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