Is a probate attorney necessary to file a Petition for Probate of Will in this case?

Asked over 1 year ago - Palm Desert, CA

I'm researching for a friend - her mom passed in Dec 2010. One of her sisters may have been appointed as Executor of Will. Suspicions have arisen about whether it was filed at all or whether it was doctored because it came to light recently that one of the sisters persuaded one of the brothers to sign over his home to the sister instead of his long-term girlfriend. My friend asked me to look into a probate attorney and/or the forms that would be necessary to investigate this. Is a Petition for Probate of Will DE-111 the form needed to file? Should a lawyer be involved? Advice on next steps is much appreciated.

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  1. Christopher B. Johnson


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    Answered . Probate is complicated enough that I'd recommend using an attorney--even attorneys not familiar with probate court can find it very confusing.

    You can check with the county court (in the county where her mother lived) to see if probate's been filed, or if the will (if any) has been lodged. You should also check the house title to se whether probate is necessary, and also to see if the sister has already been involved in title transfers.

    Attorneys often don't charge for the first consultation--a meeting could let your friend know what needs to be done in her case and what her options are.

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  2. Celia R Reed

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    Answered . Your friend needs an attorney. She also needs to find out if the estate was ever probated. Check the court filings in the county where your friend's mother resided. Given the small amount of information you have provided, this is unlikely to be a simple probate and your friend cannot do this on her own.

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  3. Joseph Franklin Pippen Jr.


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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues-please find an attorney to help and advise you.

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  4. Charles Adam Shultz

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    Answered . I think you are confusing "appointed" with nominated. Appointed means the will was offered for probate and your sister was appointed by the court to serve as Executor. YOu would have had to receive notice. If probate was opened, and you werent notified, you will need to bring that up to the court, and you will most likely need an attorney.

    If no probate was applied for, and there are assets subject to probate (in your mother's name) or you sister stole assets (changed them into her own name) you will need to initiate probate. If you believe the Will is forged or otherwise invalid, you would want to apply for Probate under intestacy using DE-111.

    Your situation is going to get contentious fast, so you really want to have an attorney doing this and not trying to do it on your own.

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