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Is a personal injury attorney the next step or do I even have a case?

Macon, GA |

I was recently injured during an assault. I have insured [ medicare] but at this point still can't afford the $45 copay. I desperately need medical care.
I was assaulted by a home health aid at my father's home while there at my father's request while he was in the hospital. My brother is totally disabled and my parents need assistance to care for him..I had tried to send her home on the fifth day that I was there because she was late for the fifth day. She became enraged and beat me for a good 10 to 15 minutes. She filed charges first so when I went to the hearing to determine if a crime had been committed they arrested her for aggravated assault.
I thought my injuries would have gotten better but continue to get worse.
This is complicated by the fact that I already had arthritis.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Assualt is one claim that a personal injury attorney could address. The more interesting claim may be against the company who sent this home health aid.

    Speak with an attorney who can rule out or discover any potential claims.

  2. A lawyer would need more details but you MIGHT have a case against both the worker and the worker's employer, and even claims on your father's homeowner's policy. See a lawyer ASAP and share those details.

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  3. You certainly should see an attorney right away. While proving that you were assaulted without provocation could be a problem (the old "he said/she said" problem) it is definitely worth your while to consult an attorney and see about bringing a claim.

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