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Is a pending probate case considered a pending law suit?

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I am trying to distinguish between what is considered a law suit and if a probate case falls under this category. There is mention of a suit having to be filed with a court in order to get a writ of attachment. Would a pending probate case be considered a pending suit?

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    The administration of the decedent's estate in a probate proceeding would not be a lawsuit. However, probate cases can also involve lawsuits and they are called ancillary actions. Examples would be a Will Contest lawsuit or a suit by a devisee against the executor or administrator claiming fraud or conversion. There are other types of lawsuits that can end up in probate court even though they may have been filed in county court at law or district court.

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  2. No. The executor of the estate would have to file a law suit as well..

  3. I just don't have enough context to answer your question. Sometimes, the existence of the probate "case" (really wouldn't call it a lawsuit) provides the basis to seek relief, like a writ of attachment. However, I need to know much more. Regardless, you don't walk into court and get a writ of attachment; it is an area where, unquestionably, you need an attorney's assistance.

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