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Is a money judgment against a trustee valid if the trustee's title is not fully included in the judgment order?

Manteca, CA |

I did not know the trust was a subtrust so the court order lists the trustee's full name but short title.


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    It would be useful to know the basis for the judgment. If it is a surcharge judgment against the trustee, then it would be against the trustee individually. If the judgment is against the trustee for an act or omission taken on behalf of the trust (like selling trust property as trustee), then the judgment is likely enforceable only against Trust assets and not against the trustee individually.

    Have a Trust attorney review the judgment and other pleadings that have rise to the judgment.

  2. A judgment is valid by its very issue. Whether the judgement is against the person him or herself or whether it's against them in a fiduciary capacity as trustee per se is also important. Sit down with either an Estate Planning or Probate Litigation attorney to chart out the right course going forward.

  3. You need to look at the judgment to see if the judgment is against the trustee, as trustee of the trust, or just the trustee in his individual capacity.

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