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Is a juvenile intake conference a good thing? What are the chances of me getting diversion?

Council Bluffs, IA |

I have never gotten in trouble before, but my offense is a felony. I'm a good student.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Iowa may be different than WA state where I live and work but on a felony you probably won't be doing a diversion. Maybe a deferment of the sentencing and filing of the conviction so that you can do certain things and not do other things and in the end dismissing it and asking the court to dismiss it. Get an attorney now and listen to his/her counsel. Make better decisions so that your record can be as clean as possible and so you will have job opportunities in the future that could be gone with a criminal history. Good Luck.

  2. In my experience, a juvenile intake conference is just an informal way to meet all the parties that will be involved in your case. It is very possible that you could be asked to participate in services before you have been adjudicated (or have been found responsible for the felony). In Nebraska, at least, communication (even admissions) at these conferences is confidential and privileged. However, it is best to have quality representation present at this hearing. You may be able to discuss and negotiate diversion at the hearing.