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Is a auto lien valid if the loan is transferred or sold?

Greensboro, NC |

I brought a car from lets say Cadillac. It was financed by GM. I defaulted on the loan and it was charged off by GM and then transferred or sold to Cadillac. GM no longer has the loan. The lien for the car is in the name of GM. The lien was never transferred or refiled by Cadillac. Is the lien valid? Several years have gone by and I have not been sued. This stalemate just persist. I have a car that DMV won't remove the lien unless they get a lien release from GM and GM won't talk to me or negotiate because they no longer have the loan. Don't know what to do to resolve this.

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  1. GM/Cadillac is the same thing. Cadillac is just a brand made by GM the same way Chevrolet, Corvette and GMC is made by GM.

    My question is what happened to the car? Are you saying that you defaulted, but GM does not want to repo the car? Yes the lien is still valid. If you want to get a lien release you have to go through Cadillac if they are now the lienholder.

    There are other ways to satisfy a lien but Cadillac is still in business so there is no other way to get the lien release than for you to make some kind of agreement to get the car loan paid off.

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