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Is a "meet and confer" required prior to filing a motion to quash subpeona pursuant to 1987.1?

Los Angeles, CA |
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My former employer was served with subpoena pursuant to CCP 1985.6.

CCP 1987.1 doesn't say that "meet and confer" required, but I want to make sure.

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    A meet and confer is not required prior to filing a motion to quash subpoena pursuant to CCP 1987.1. However, under certain circumstances it may not be a bad idea to meet and confer to see the dispute can be resolved or narrowed.

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  2. I do not believe there is a mandatory meet and confer requirement with a motion to quash a non-party witness. However, you should attempt a meet and confer letter if you have time. Then, your or your employer should move forward with the quash the subpoena with the meet and confer attached as an exhibit to the motion.

  3. Not required but useful to see if issues can be narrowed.