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Is 2c:20-7a receiving stolen property a misdeameanor or felony ?I was convicted and fined in New Jersey

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The items were six New Jersey Drivers Liscences

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You need to order a certified disposition from the court in which you were sentenced. The disposition will set forth the grade of the offense.



Thank you so disposition says degree : N im not sure what that means? Please email back lancelightner34@yahoo thank you so much

Thomas Carroll Blauvelt

Thomas Carroll Blauvelt


What court was your case decided in?


It can be either one. You need to consult the Judgment of Conviction to be sure.


As Mr. Mark said, it could be either. Check the Judgment. The grading of a receiving stolen property charge in New Jersey depends on the value of the goods that were received.

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Receiving stolen property can be a felony/indictable offense or a DP. Any record check should show the proper disposition meaning both the receiving stolen property as the offense and the DP as the grading should show up. an indication of N in the Degree field would mean that it is DP


I agree with all my colleagues. A good clue is what Court you were in and if you were sentenced to probation. Disorderly Persons offenses (misdeameanors in NY) are heard in the Municpal Court. That Court can not hear a crime (felony in NY). Also it is unusual for the Municipal Court to sentence probation although it is allowed. A sentence of a fine only indicates Municipal Court. A DP can be heard in the Superior Court but that is also unusual and usually has probation tacked on.


A 2c:20-7a can be either a disorderly person offense or a felony in NJ depending on the value of the items involved. If the matter was held in Municipal Court then it was a disorderly persons offense. However, if it held in Superior Court it could be plead either way as the prosecutor could downgrade the matter to a disorderly offense.

Your attorney should have sent you a copy of your judgment of conviction. Contact your attorney and ask him/her to send you a copy of the judgment of conviction in order to be sure.

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