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Is a postnuptial agreement as good as a prenuptial agreement? I only have 7 weeks before marriage.

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Since I only have 7 weeks until marriage, would it be better to wait until after the marriage to have a postnuptial agreement drafted? Or is a prenuptial agreement better, even though it hasn't been drafted yet?

My future spouse is perfectly OK with either. I was told it might take 4 weeks to have a prenuptial agreement drafted and 'negotiated'.

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The answer is yes and no. In one sense they serve the same purpose. However some recent cases suggest that it is easier to get a post nup invalidated. If your the spouse with the assets get a prenup. If your the spouse without assets get a post nup

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If recognized in your state, yes but a prenuptial agreement makes more sense. Do it quickly though. Courts frown on prenups done right before the marriage in the event of a divorce. See an attorney now.

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Yes, a post-nuptial agreement is "just as valid," generally-speaking, as a pre-nuptial agreement. For a full assessment, schedule a consultation with a NYC Family Law attorney.

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They are equally enforceable, but once married, the weaker spouse loses some of the "bargaining power." 7 weeks is enough time to do a prenuptial, unless there is hiding going on or the agreement is unfair.

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