IRS withheld over $3,000 of our refund this year claiming my wife received unemployment in 2010 that she in fact did not receive

we answered their request for backup information back in January and they still withheld over $3,000 of this year's refund. What can we do to get our money? We have proof she did not receive any unemployment in 2010 as we have a letter from the unemployment office showing a denial/exhaustion of benefits. Since they say she did, it factored into the tax calculation and the end result is then that our refund in 2010 would have been reduced. However, if you take out the amount they say she got, our calculation was 100% correct.

Anchorage, AK -

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E. Martin Davidoff

E. Martin Davidoff

Tax Lawyer - Dayton, NJ

Consider seeking assistance from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate. There is an advocate in every state. Just search at

Marty Davidoff,, 732-274-1600. This answer is provided for general information only. You... more
Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner

Tax Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Davidoff is correct. This is a situation where you need to contact the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Office. 907-271-6391 is the phone number for the Anchorage IRS office.

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