IRS transcripts for bankruptcy.

Hi, I`m trying to get a transcript from the year 2011 from the IRS in which shows that I did not worked and they told me that some stranger filed for tax return in 2011 with my name and an unknown address . I told them that I didn`t filed for any tax return because I didn`t worked in 2010 and I told them to send me that 2011 transcript to see to what address that person lived at the time that he or she filed for a tax return and they told me that they can`t send me the transcript because the previous address is not my current address. Now I need the 2011 transcript a.s.a.p. because my attorney is asking for it. It looks like someone stole my SS #. I would like to know how to fix that problem with the IRS so I can get the transcript. Thanks.

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Kevin Christopher Gleason

Kevin Christopher Gleason

Bankruptcy Attorney - Hollywood, FL

Any tax practitioner can obtain a transcript by filing a power of attorney. See either an attorney or an enrolled agent to get this done.

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Wendy Erin Morris

Wendy Erin Morris

Bankruptcy Attorney - Joliet, IL

Inform your attorney about the problem; it will more than likely delay your discharge if you are entitled to one. More than likely, you will (or should) need to file a police report & "formally" (i.e., in writing) report the matter thereafter to the Federal Trade Commission, the IRS & the 3 major credit bureaus.

You can likely find out information regarding the reported earnings if you create an online account with the SSA. Here is a basic pamphlet regarding SSN Theft:

Good Luke.

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