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Ira M. Siegel, Esq sent a letter through my internet provider asking for $200.00 for a copyright infringement I didn't do.

Hesperia, CA |

My provider said it happened to his mother before and she ignored it, and nothing happened. I should just change my router password since this is the only infringment against me. And documented for me this error. I didn't know routers generic passwords aren't good enough. I am going to change it so it doesn't happen again. Should I ignore this because I did nothing wrong, and have no money. Kinda wierd they gave only I think 30 days from infringement date to settle. Its only a couple days till the settle date and I just heard about this. Seems they are trying to extort money from me. How do I even know someone downloaded illegal content. I already searched my computer for it just in case I am wrong, found nothing. Good advice. And no I can't get a lawyer. Im BROKE

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  1. Well, you left your router basically open so you will likely be held responsible and possibly you could end up with more than $200 judgment against you. If you are broke I would see if the local bar association or Legal Aid can help, b/c you are way over your head.

    Or talk to this guy Siegel and see if he will accept installments.

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  2. You need to visit the links below. Otherwise, I'm not exactly sure what you are asking of us. If you intend to ignore it, then ignore it. You won't find anyone here who will tell you that's a good idea.


    Ira Siegel (aka Copyright Enforcement Group) has tracked your torrent. Probably got you in a sting.

    You CAN afford a lawyer, either CEG/Siegel or a defense atty to fight Siegel. Your choice. You can't just ignore it and provide a BS excuse. But, if you really are "broke" guess they won't be able to pick you out of the homeless crowd under the viaduct.

    On the off chance your story is not BS (Siegel is prone to error of overinclusion), your best option may be to get that subpoena defense atty and file that M2Q. That will likely cost you more than $200, which is why the settlement amount is so low. Siegel wants you to pay him nuisance value to eliminate him as a nuisance to you. Ignore it and the price will just go up both for him to settle and you to hire that defense attorney. Sorry but it's a dirty business and that's way it is, even if you claim to be broke.

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  4. Everybody can raise or borrow $200 so that is not an excuse. If you decide not to pay at least do your Google research first so you make an informed decision. Good luck.

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