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If a parent invited us we're close to the family in a meeting with teachers its a special education program could the person invited ask the teacher a question? one of the staff restrained a student that didn't do anything so i asked why did they touch him just because he said something back you didn't like the social worker who touched him was about to answer until the other staff member said don't answer

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I used to be in the program and the other staff member who is the administrator knows i know what they do locking us in a seclusion room being isolated

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  1. Torin D. Togut

    Contributor Level 10

    Answered . I would strongly advise your friend to retain a special education attorney like myself or an special education advocate to attend an IEP meeting. IEP meetings can be quite complicated and unless you are experienced, trained or knowledgeable in special education then yoru questions will probably not eliciit the information that is designed to develop an appropriate special education program for this child.

    A parent can invite another person to the IEP meeting that has some specialized knowledge or experience with the child to render opinions or ask questions concerning the development of the child's IEP.

  2. Daphne Lori Macklin

    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . While it is not unusual for a lay person to be invited by a parent or family to attend an IEP meeting, the participation of such persons can be challenging. If you have information that the family may find helpful in understanding what the school staff are doing or what they are likely to do, I recommend that you share this information with your friends, but stress that they need to ask questions of school staff rather than make assumptions based on various sources.

    This sounds more like a disciplinary meeting than a regular IEP session. I would encourage you to help the family located an experienced and qualified attorney or education advocate to assist the family and the child deal with the school staff. Sometimes the best recourse is to have a qualified professional participate in the IEP when serious issues such as discipline, physical contact with the child and placement options are at issue. Good luck with this.

    This is not a substitute for a consultation with an education or disability rights attorney in your community.
  3. Frederick M. Stanczak

    Contributor Level 10

    Answered . Parents have the right to bring another person to an IEP meeting, but there are no specific rules as to whether and to what extent a non-professional can participate. If your son is being restrained, that is a serious issue and may be a symptom of an inadequate program. You would most likely benefit by consulting with a special education attorney in your area to discuss the legal .

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