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Intoxicating night after firwrks,driving home g/f sees txt on my phone from grl,strts punching me in face whle im drivingw/3y/o

Shelton, CT |

she called cops b/c in defending myself i must have struck her.i left to avoid immediate arrest,but am now waiting for an eventual warrant and to turn myself in.Do not want to go to jail. Still love my woman and she admits shes was wrong, but she flipped out, and now i should pay the price? and all this in front of our 3y/o. i was wrong for texting a female w/negative intentions, but it doesn't warrant what insued to me and in turn to her. scared, anxious and nervous....I NEED to be there for my little girl.what are my chances of staying a free man,with my past arrests??

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I would say your chances of not being convicted on this one are just about zero. You should hire a specialist in the field of domestic violence who is accustomed to working with people who don't seem to get it. This may be your only chance.


This is a whole mess of trouble. The most important thing to do right now is get a copy of the police report and see a criminal defense attorney. Also your past record will factor into how much leniency you may be given. Other information is needed. How old are you? How old is she? What is your record? Feel free to consult with us on this matter. 203.870-6700

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