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Intestacy, Illinois, Romanian citizen.

Chicago, IL |

Bejenaru Cristian, Romanian citizen, living in Chicago for the past two years, died in September while canoeing (fell into cold water, hypothermia, heart stopped).
The Consulate announced us of his death Friday, October 8th. They have put us in contact with a firm to send the body to Romania. We don't know exactly what to do next. Firstly, he had no will and he was in USA on his own. We know from him that he had a bank account where he was depositing cash - he wanted to come back to Romania after he gathered some more money - we do not know which bank, we never asked, as we never thought anything like this would happen. He was only 29. The costs to bring the body over (for religious purposes) are enormous. Is there a possibility to identify the bank in Chicago by its personal data?

We are his family, living in Romania. I am the sister, who happens to be a Law student... In the meantime we spoke to the organization the Consulate put us in contact with to send the body over. The cost are only this around $2500. I understood (source: internet) that opening the intestacy, by referring to a court would cost us another $2500. None of us is able to travel to USA to take care of this matter. It's financially impossible. About the bank - could we ask the landlord or other institution to look into his mail at the place where he lived? (again, there is the problem that we do not have the space contract, that should be at Cristi's place..) Do you know more about the procedure?

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Who and where are you? I have to believe his bank information is somehow available. But the bank will not release the funds without proper authorization, which will include a court release and/or other court papers. As to the body you can certainly arrange for disposition here if you are responsible or his family and want to be involved. What you need here is someone who can open a probate estate. The Chicago Bar Association has a lawyer referral service.

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