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Interspousal transfer deed-meaning&implications?- "No consideration for transfer between spouses pursuant to dissolution".Thanks

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Hello & thanks for reading.
My wife & I are divorcing & agreed she will keep our townhouse.Her attorney prepared ISTD & property description for me to sign/have notorized.I'm Pro per & unclear of implications of the wording-it's different from samples online. "Recording requested by...(her name). When recorded mail to: (her name/address). APN#,No consideration for transfer between spouses pursuant to dissolution Documentary Transfer Tax: 0" "The undersigned grants (wife) as her sole & separate property, all of my right, title, &interest" (in the TH). "It is the intent of undersigned to divest himself of all interest community or otherwise in and to the above described property & vest title in the Grantee as her sole and separate property.

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  1. It’s difficult to give you a very precise answer because the facts are so llimit4d and I don’t know how your intrspousal dials and is related to your division of property and any other related support issues. By and large filing for dissolution proceeding as part of an agreed to settlement in regard to the property you can’t convey your interests to your ex. This is possibly workable but without a lot of additional facts no one is able to give you an 100% rock solid response. For a modest fee you can get the advice of a family law attorney who can look into the particulars of your situation and give you a precise legal opinion.

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  2. From the language provided, you are giving away all your interest in the property to your wife as her separate property. Then, the question is what you are getting back in return. Edward C. Ip

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  3. I'm sorry that you're divorcing. I agree with counsel that your question is unclear and the fact that there could be other issues in your case which you haven't mentioned which would affect my answer. If you're in the homestretch and negotaitions, there are many lawyers who can represent or advise you as to how to proceed for reasonable fees. It's well worth your time to pay a lawyer to advise you.

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