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International student with 3 misdemeanor charges.

Peoria, IL |
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I drank considerably and I woke up in jail, barely remembering what happened. I was released under promise to come to court at a later date. I attempted to get a taxi ride for free, and after an argument with the driver I hit him in the face. I was charged with theft of service, battery, and drinking underage i.e. 3 misdemeanors. I was a little shocked, because this is not my usual behavior. I got in contact with the cab driver and he said it looked like I was on some sort of drug. I suspect someone might have slipped something in my drink. He said he understands and that he wants to help me in court. I am really concerned, since I am an international student.

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You need a lawyer. Do not discuss this further or to your friends or family. You relationship with your lawyer is confidential.

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There may be a way to get the prosecutors to decline to file charges. That is the best result for this since it could affect your student visa status, depending on the outcome. Offenses that are considered crimes of moral turpitude can lead to deportation and revocation of your student visa. It's imperative you call an attorney. We regularly handle these cases in Peoria and know the charging prosecutors that will decide whether or not to file charges against you. If you would like to consult with me, email me at or call 309-699-4691. You can learn more about my firm at

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Hire an attorney asap. Maybe the cab driver will tell the state he does not want to proceed with case. Maybe you can do some alcohol treatment in exchange for state dropping case. Lots of options.

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You should see a lawyer at once. I would like to talke to the driver. If he is as sympathtetic as you say, it may helpful to speak the Assistant State's Attorney assigned to the filing of charges before the appearance date to see if the case can be headed off before your appearance. Since you identify yourself an international student, we might have to deal with immigration issues if a charge is filed, and maybe as result of the arrest.

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