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International Divorce Law Query

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Dear Sir or Madam:
My husband and I were married 2 years ago in one European country, while we were residing in another European country. We are both US citizens. We are again living abroad. I supported our family last year while my husband was unemployed, and per our agreement, my husband this year is to support the family, but has been unable to attain employment. I suspect his "lazy" nature is waiting for me to find employment for the family. I am not interested in supporting him. I would like to inquire about divorce proceedings. I am the caretaker of our child, and would like custody. Where would I begin? (Would it behoove me to not seek employment now, as I've heard the person with a higher income would be responsible for supporting the other spouse?) Thank you

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Are you considering a divorce abroad, or seeking to divorce in the United States? If you are considering a divorce abroad, you might consult the State department website, as well as a divorce lawyer in the country where you are currently residing.

An American lawyer generally won't be able to advise re the divorce laws of a foreign country.

If you are seeking a divorce in a state, within the United States, you would need to consult with an attorney in that particular state, particularly with regard to residency requirements etc.

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