Interested in purchasing a short sale with two loans. How much would RE attny help cost me to analyse the possible purchase?

4734 Rubidoux Avenue Riverside, CA 92506; 3 beds 2 baths 1402 sqft 7,504 lot sqft 1953 built 263 days on market; first listed for $174,900, now it is $215,000. Why? I am not in a hurry, I continue saving my $. How long would it take to figure this out? How much would it cost and could I get the price back to the original list price so I could pay an attorney?

Riverside, CA -

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Eric Jerome Gold

Eric Jerome Gold

Estate Planning Attorney - Calabasas, CA

The short answer to your question is that many attorneys will provide a no cost consultation. You can contact the local bar association for a referral to a qualified real estate attorney in your area.

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Bruce Givner

Bruce Givner

Tax Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

There are competent real estate attorneys who might spend some time on the phone with you to determine if they would like to take on the matter. However, as a generality, you should be prepared to spend $5,000 to get good quality advice on a transaction like this.

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