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Indiana 2nd dui Michigan resident

New Buffalo, MI |

I was convicted of 2nd DUI in Indiana I'm a Michigan resident. I have fulfilled all Indiana court orders. Michigan has revoked my license. I need to move to Indiana , will Indiana grant me a license?

I was arrested in September 2011. went to court in Indiana January 2012, did 5 days in jail, had interlock on car for 6 mos., 1 year probation , paid Michigan drivers responsibility two thousand dollars for two years. Now Michigan has revoked my license. Want me to attend AA meetings, have a 10 panel drug test, have letters written to prove I'm a good citizen. How can I do this with no license?

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It is likely that Indiana will not issue you a license until your Michigan driving privileges are restored. Double-check with your Indiana lawyer or check with the Indiana DMV.

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You may want to repost your question showing an Indiana location to bring your problem to the attention of Indiana lawyers. They are more likely to know how the Indiana DMV will act.

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I agree with both other attorneys. Because your license revocation occurred from Michigan, you will need to clear that up through the Michigan SOS (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY. WHILE IT APPEARS LOGISTICALLY EASY, IT IS VERY RARE FOR SOMEONE WITHOUT AN ATTORNEY TO WIN THESE HEARINGS AND YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT PER YEAR. PLUS, IF THE FIRAT HEARING IS DONE INCORRECTLY, , IT ENDS UP BEING MUCH MORE DIFFICULT AND EXPENSIVE IN THE LONG RUN) It is then likely that Indiana will grant you a license, but you should double check with an attorney familiar with the Indiana licensing laws.



I went to court in Indiana January 2012, 5 days in jail, interlock for 6 mos. ,probation. 1 year, then I paid Michigan two thousand dollars for 2 years for the drivers responsibility, now I find out I need to attend AA for a year, have a 10 panel drug test, have letters written to prove I'm a good citizen. How can I get to a AA meeting without a drivers license. What more do they want?

Deanna L. Kelley

Deanna L. Kelley


Yes, you have described the minimum requirements that are expected at the hearing. Many people are surprised at how difficult it is in order to obtain a drivera license after losing it. You are not the first person to face the hurdle of fulfilling these obligations withou a license. It' made more difficult because we live in a state with no public transportation. However, if you look online, it is likely you will find several Aa meetings withing walking (or bike riding) distance from your home as they are plentiful. Don't try to get through this hearing without an attorney, as you will be sorry in the long run. Best of luck to you.

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