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In the State of Washington, can a probation officer tell you or force you to get a job?

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Also long as your making your monthly payments as required, can a probation officer force you to get a job?

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  1. Usually one of the conditions of probation is that the probationer be either gainfully employed or be enrolled as a student. I believe the answer to your question is yes.

  2. In Florida, they certainly could- one of the probation conditions is that you be gainfully employed, or actively seeking employment, or become a full time student.

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  3. Why would you not want to get a job? Gainful employment is often a term of probation. Read you probation order carefully. If you want to impress your PO with you strong desire not to work, watch out down the road for more violations.

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  4. Yes, especially if you are in some type of program like Drug Court. Getting a job or at least attempting to get a job is a specific term of a Drug Court contract. It is not so much the Probation Officer personally, but rather the PO attempting to enforce the terms of a contract or a Judgement and Sentence.