In the state of Texas what is the age of consent?

Asked about 1 year ago - El Paso, TX

I was wandering the lowest/highest age an 18 year old can have relations with in Texas?

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  1. Bart Charles Craytor

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    Answered . Both of the prior responses are correct. 17 years of age is the age of consent in Texas. Any lower and you could commit a crime. While you might beat the rap, you won't beat the ride, and you will have to prove that the contact was non-threat/violence as well as within the three years of age to be entitled to the defense. (You can't prove consensual contact because a person under the age of 17 years is below the age of consent as a matter of law.)

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  2. Deepali Meenu Walters

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    Answered . Seventeen is the age of consent.

    There is an affirmative defense if you sleep with someone within 36 months of your age (as long as the person is at least 14), but it's a defense. You could still be charged and arrested, you just have a defense to prosecution. So, stick with people your own age, at least 17, and you'll have no problems.

  3. Stephen Andrew Hamer

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    Answered . 17 is age of consent and other attorney is correct regarding... being within 3 years age difference.

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