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In the state of Ohio how long do you have to be married to qualify for spousal support?

Canton, OH |

will be married 2 years on 8/23/ kids but married under the impression that kids were an option. now my husband does not want kids and is trying to get out of the marriage.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You're very VERY unlikely to get any spousal support after only a 2 year marriage where there are no kids. Is it impossible?... no, but the duration of the marriage is one of the most important factors. Spousal support is more likely in a marriage lasting 15 or 20 years. While there's no set time limit, courts are more likely to tell spouses in a 2 year marriage to go support themselves.

  2. There is not time limit, but duration of the marriage is a key factor as is difference in income. After two years, most courts won't consider spousal support unless there is a substantial reason - you quit a job and relocated for example - to grant such. If you are getting involved into a divorce after such a short term, you should focus more on the assets of the marriage and how those get divided versus wasting time on arguing for spousal support.

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