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In the state of Missouri is a landlord required to disclose to the tenants who the Owner or Property Management Company is?

I live at an apartment complex in Kansas City North that was purchased by someone else or another company. There have been MAJOR maintence issues and I called the apartment office and asked the manager if I could have corporates number or the next person higher up. But the door is automatically closed. There is no one else to speak to but this manager. It has been a year and we still don't know who purchased us or a phone number for higher up. Is this legal?

Kansas City, MO -

Attorney Answers (2)

Josh P Tolin

Josh P Tolin

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Saint Louis, MO

It is not illegal for them not to give you the information based on your question. The good news, is that you should be able to get this information very easily by checking with the Jackson County tax records or recorder of deeds to see who owns and pay taxes on the apartment complex. Then you can to the the Missouri Secretary of Sates office if it is an LLC or corporation to see who the managers or directors are. Hope this helps.

John Joseph Westerhaus

John Joseph Westerhaus

Real Estate Attorney - Overland Park, KS

Yes, it is legal, but it's fairly easy to find out who owns the property. As my colleague mentioned, property tax and business incorporation information is public record and usually available online. You may not be able to find a person's NAME per se (though there will usually be an agent listed for service of process purposes) but you can find out enough to use Google to find contact information.

good luck.

I can be reached at (913) 735-9320. These answers do not constitute legal advice, because legal advice is paid for.... more

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