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In the state of Maryland can an MVA case worker assess a penalty against a driver?

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In 2005 I was convicted of a DUI. The arresting officer made a mistake in the paperwork and my name got incorrectly inputted in the MVA system. Since then I've been charged 2 more times with DUI with no conviction. Since the 05' incident I have gotten 3 licenses issued to me. I live in California now. While adding an M1 classification to my license I was told MD had a hold on my record. I contacted the MVA and was told that I have to complete a 26 week alcohol program for Maryland to lift the revocation. Reason given was because I had been charged with DUI 3 times. This doesn't make sense to me as I have only been convicted once. Can the MVA case worker just say that I have to take this 26 week course? I haven't been able to locate any law that says this online. Any help is appreciated!

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You need to hire a lawyer in Maryland and challenge the entries in your name for these other convictions. What it sounds like is, someone has a license in your name, or has a similar name which has been confused with you and now you two have the same driving record. Either way, until you clear this up, that other person is going to continue to drive, violate the law, and screw up your driving record. Do not ignore it, because insurance companies and other states will see this record and make decisions affecting you based on those entries.

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Can the MVA case worker just say that I have to take this 26 week course? The obvious answer is yes, since it happened right? The real question is what can you do about it. Now that is a tough question to answer, especially because you are trying to get this done from California. You need to contact a Maryland lawyer whom can gather more information from you and work toward a resolution. It probably won't be easy so you better get started.

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