In the State of California, what is considered workplace retaliation? Can these be a violation of public policy?

I worked as a leasing consultant, for a property management company. After questioning my regional manager about signing an adjusted job addendum, and mentioning that I didn't like that our phone calls were being recorded without being aware until it was time to be graded on our phone calls to another coworker, I noticed that the regional manager was treating me differently and giving me unfair write ups, without even addressing my rebuttal. Eventually after making a complaint to my supervisor about feeling unsafe working alone after being harassed and threatened by a few residents, I was terminated.

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David Andrew Mallen

David Andrew Mallen

Wrongful Termination Lawyer - El Segundo, CA

The employer has a legal duty to provide a safe workplace. Firing you in retaliation for safety complaints may be a violation of public policy if you can prove it.

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Charles Richard Perry

Charles Richard Perry

Employment / Labor Attorney - Hollister, CA

You need to speak to a plaintiff-side labor lawyer. There may be a retaliation claim here, but I cannot tell.

It is illegal in California to record a telephone call unless both parties consent to the recording. See California Penal Code § 632. If you complain about your employer's illegal conduct and your employer retaliates against you, then you MAY have a claim for wrongful discharge. It is not possible to tell if the other facts in your position add to your claim, give you an independent basis for a claim, or are simply not relevant.

There are many good lawyers on AVVO that practice in this field. I would contact one of them, or at least a plaintiff's lawyer in your area for a consultation.

Best of luck to you.

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