In the state of California, are property tax liens paid before child support arrears from escrow on the sale of a home?

My ex-husband owes more than 110k in child support arrears and is losing his paid for home due to tax liens (valued at approx. $100k). He is offering me 50% of the proceeds of the sale to forgive the arrears. Will tax liens be paid first? I'm trying to get a true idea of the amount I will receive to determine my decision. I may never have this opportunity to receive payment again.

Redwood City, CA -

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Stephen Ross Cohen

Stephen Ross Cohen

Family Law Attorney - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I believe you come in second, unless your liens were recorded first then you may have a chance. But generally laws are witten to protect the government (king, ruler) first. I would not settle, I would make sure the lien is recorded and that the escrow company is notified!

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