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In the county of York pa in the ard program if I didn't plead guilty or not guilty am I still paying for a crime I didn't commit

York, PA |

In my case gas was stolen from a gas station in my boyfriend car that I borrowed

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ARD is not an admission of guilt and is not considered to be a conviction. If you successfully complete ARD, then the charges are dropped by the DA and you can expunge your record. As far as "paying" for it, you will have fines and court costs to pay as part of ARD. Of course you can reject ARD and go to trial and fight the charges. Either way you should retain an experience local attorney to represent you.

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This is a question you should ask your attorney, as too little information is given here to provide a meaningful answer. ARD, in general, is not an admission of guilt, but you still have a "sentence" of fines and costs. The reason that you need to seek an attorney is you may very well have a good chance at winning at trial. On the other hand, you may almost certainly lose at trial. A good criminal defense attorney will be able to discuss this with you and provide some guidance.

I know this isn't the answer you are looking for, but it's an honest answer.

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Under the ARD program you are not entering a plea of guilty to anything and it is NOT a conviction of any kind in Pennsylvania. During the ARD program you may be required to take classes, complete community service, pay fines and costs and of course stay out of trouble. If you do what is expected of you and complete the ARD program your charges for which you went onto ARD for can be expunged as if they never happened. ARD is just one option that you have and I strongly would suggest talking with an attorney in the County that handles DUI defense so you understand all your options.

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