In Texas, do you need permission from the biological father to adopt their child after married to the mother of the child?

My mothers current husband, whom I consider my father is trying to adopt me, but I'm being to,d that he can't because my biological father won't " sign the papers"? I'm guessing the adoption papers, allowing for the adoption to take place. Is this true? Is there a certain time to where he can adopt me without my biological fathers permission?

San Antonio, TX -

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Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein

Child Custody Lawyer - Houston, TX

He can adopt you without your bio. father's permission after you turn 18.

If bio. father won't voluntarily terminate his parental rights, it makes it much harder to terminate his parental rights. It's not impossible just much harder. Terminating a person's parental rights is permanent and considered severe so the judges only do this after much consideration. It can be done but the bio. parent is given every benefit of the doubt. Termination is a complex matter and cannot be adequately addressed in this small space.

Milton I. Fagin

Milton I. Fagin

Child Custody Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

Not unless the facts of your particular case would qualify for an involuntary termination of the parent child relationship which is the first step that mustbe completed before you qualify for an adoption in the state of Texas.

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