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In regards to strength of defense how important is it that an officer didn't witness an alleged act?

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I was walking to school holding my skateboard when suddenly an officer called me over and gave me a ticket claiming that I violated S.D.M.C. 84.12 (C).

How much of a defense do I have?

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If the Officer didn't witness the offense, and he doesn't have anyone else who will testify that you violated the statute, then I'd say you have a very strong defense to the charge. I wonder why you think he ticketed you without seeing it?

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As attorney Schaeffer indicated, without a witness to the alleged violation, you have a strong defense. If you are concerned about the potential punishments for this citation, it would be a good idea to contact an attorney to discuss the situation in more detail.


I concur with the others, if there are not witnesses to the act, the only possible evidence would be circumstantial. Did someone else see you crossing against “Don't Walk” signal?

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No. No one saw me crossing against a "Don't Walk" signal.

William Peter Daley

William Peter Daley


Assuming that's true, and there are no witnesses I'd suggest you hire one of us good attorney's to get this thing dismissed. Most of us here on AVVO offer a free consultation so meet with a few and see who you would like to work with.


Potentially a good one. Consider hiring a locally experienced attorney to fight this for you.

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