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In regards to pre-employment drug testing, is an employer allowed to deny you, based on a positive test for a prescribed drug?

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5 months ago I was scripted clonazapam(benzo diazapine class - schedule 3) the doctor told me it was for "AS NEEDED" use however the label says 1 per day, i have saved some of script since the last one I got 5 months ago because it was as needed.and after I decided to quit the job that was causing the panic attacks I didn't need them anymore so I saved them for future use. I have a employment drug screening in 5 days, and I'm worried I will fail the test as I did have a panic attack last week and took 2 of them to stop the attack, a home test kit(As expected) showed up positive for benzos, so I'm assuming the lab results will also, as the script is 5 months old is it still considered a legitimate prescription, as in if called out and I give the script ID # will it be declared as illegal?

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The instructions on the label will likely control the handling of this.

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