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In picking a good DUI attorney, how well does the attorney have to know the prosecutors

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Does the DUI attorney I need to hire needs to have a good relationship with prosecutors

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Unfortunately, this is a big misconception in our field. The reality is that your defense attorney's personal relationship with the prosecutor plays a small role in defending your case and will definitely not be determinative of the outcome. Prosecutors do not "do favors" for other attorneys they know. Period. The bottom line is that your case's outcome depends on the facts and your attorney's ability to spot and analyze the key issues in your matter. If an attorney needs to lure clients based on "who he or she knows" then, in my opinion, he does not have much to offer. If you are looking for an attorney, I recommend speaking to a few attorneys and choosing one that you feel is best able to help you in your matter. Hope this helps and good luck.

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This is a great question and the answer is YES is essential!!! Think of it this way ...whatever the best result for your case may be, you want to hire a lawyer that is going to get it for you.

There are many factors that contribute to obtaining a great result on a DUI case. The relationship your Los Angeles DUI lawyer having a great relationship with the prosecutor is absolutely one of them.

I have provided some additional information that may assist you in finding the right Los Angeles DUI lawyer for you.

I hope this answer was helpful.

Good luck,

Gabriel Dorman

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Knowing the prosecutors helps. Knowing the different courts helps. Plea bargains vary, sometimes, even within the different LA county courts. A good attorney is schooled in the law, will review your case carefully, has time to return your calls, keeps current with the law, has trial experience, and understands how to speak with prosecutors.Knowing the prosecutor is not a major selling point in picking an attorney.

I had some of my best deals in Riverside and Orange county. They didn't know me from Adam. On the Riverside case there were multiple defendants, with four attorneys--two from Riverside and two from LA. We LA attorneys got a better deal, even though the evidence was more damning to our clients. Sometimes it the luck of the draw.

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Mr. Ali Chahine, Mr. Dorman and Mr. Baca are all correct. So much depends on the particulars.

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What my colleague says is true but it is also true that the more your attorney knows about the courthouse culture of the venue where you are charged, everything else being equal, the more he can do for you. This is particularly true if the case against you is circumstantial or has weaknesses. A DA who trusts your attorney may be willing to accept his word for what he would reject coming from a stranger.

That said hire the best attorney you can find. If you narrow it down to 2 and one is from LA and the other SF and the trial is in LA, go with the LA attorney.

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