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In Pa. can the person that owns the mineral rights to my property give permission to a Land Services Co. access my land.

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The land services co. said they don't need my permission to come on my property. They have numerous ribbons hanging off the trees in a diagonal line through my property.

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    You would have to check the language of the reservation of minerals. I am assuming this is for oil and gas. If in the reservation, the oil and gas owners say with the right to extract same and enter premises then the oil and gas company does not need your permission. I would be happy to look at your deed and give you more detailed information. I work in the Uniontown area so please feel free to contact me at your leisure 724.580.7401.

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  2. You don't say the exact nature of the mineral ownership. Is it oil and gas or coal? Are they proposing to drill a well on you property? Or a surface mine?

    I suggest you hire a lawyer that knows something about mineral rights. He or she can ask the company for title references and look up the documents. If they don't cooperate, he or she can look it up in the courthouse. The answer depends on the rights conferred in the chain of title. As the owner of the surface land, you may have more rights than you think.

    Clifford L. Tuttle, Jr.
    Attorney at Law
    Pittsburgh, Pa

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  3. I agree with my colleagues.

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