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In PA, can a M1 misdemeanor be expunged through the expungement process or would I neeed to go to the board of pardons?

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I was sentenced with this charge, along with other summary charges 11 years ago and was wondering if I should go through the expungement process or go to the board of pardons? Also, If I go to the board of pardons can the board clear me of my summary charges as well or is the board just for misdemeanors?

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  1. If convicted you cannot expunge and would have to apply for a governor's pardon

  2. In Pennsylvania, convictions or pleas to misdemeanors offenses cannot be expunged prior to the individual attaining 70 years of age. Your only option is to seek a governor's pardon. This is a lengthy process and it is advisable to hire a criminal attorney with experiece in this area to assist you. If the Governor grants the pardon, the entire case including the summaries can be expunged.

  3. If you were convicted you cannot get an expungement for the M1. However, you can get a pardon. As for the summary offenses you might be able to get those expunged, prior to the pardon. For an expungement is a lot faster than a pardon.

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