In Oklahoma, when is it too late to contest a will?

Will for sizable estate is in probate, but the process hasn't ended, and suspicions have arisen about undue influence, among other things.

Durant, OK -

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Jerry E Shiles

Jerry E Shiles

Estate Planning Attorney - Oklahoma City, OK

If the probate hasn't been completed, you have the right to hire an attorney and file an appearance in the case. This will allow you and your attorney to determine what has happened and challenge any actions that appear inappropriate.

Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

Probate Attorney - Stamford, CT

You will wish to consult with an Oklahoma probate specialist to confirm your rights. With that said, depending on how long it has been since the will was admitted to probate, you may no longer be able to challenge the will itself. This appears to be the statute on-point:

Good luck to you.

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