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In Ohio to operate a forklift do I need automobile insurance? And to operate a FORKLIFT ...

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for a company,non-profit, do I need automobile insurance? Either my own or the non-profits??Do I have to be "on" the nonprofits automotive insurance plan to operate the forklift in there building? Does there liability insurance cover me in case of a accident?

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Automobile insurance is not required to operate a forklift in Ohio. Only vehicles that can be operated legally on the road are required to have coverage. With regard to accidents occurring due to the operation of the forklift, workers compensation will cover your injuries and any injuries to fellow employees. If your injure someone who is not a fellow employee of the non profit (visitor, vendor ect) that injured person would present a claim to the non profit and their carrier.


You are covered under the non-profit's insurance, if they have any, if you are using their forklift with their knowledge and consent. Automobile insurance won't cover a forklift unless it is a street legal vehicle.

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