In Ohio, will I recover my legal fees if I win suit against my old employer for unpaid wages

My former employer witheld my final pay and the amount exceeds the small claim court allowance. The employer witheld it as a deduction for what they called a loan. I never entered any loan agreement with them. Therefore, if I win the case will the judge award me the cost of my legal expenses?

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Amy Lavonne Wells

Amy Lavonne Wells

Identity Theft Lawyer - Dayton, OH

Generally speaking, if you have a Wage and Hour violation, it is subject to fee-shifting provisions, meaning your former employer would be obligated to pay your legal expenses if you prevail on such a claim.

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Herbert J Tan

Herbert J Tan

Employment / Labor Attorney

In New Jersey, depending on where it is filed, you can ask for reasonable attorneys' fees. However, you may want to try your local Wage and Hour before proceeding to small claims.

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Dorothy G Bunce

Dorothy G Bunce

Bankruptcy Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

An award of legal fees is usually discretionary with the court. The court usually will award "costs" such as filing fees & fee for process service to the winning party.

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