In New York State can my parent be held responsible for my medical debt if I was claimed as a dependent on their taxes ?

Asked over 5 years ago - Rochester, NY

I am over 40 years old and have no income . Hospital financial office told me that bill debt would be based on my income and asked for parent's tax forms because they claim that they need them for I was claimed as a dependent. Seems as though hospital is using and going after my parents income and not mine .

Additional information

Financial office at Rochester General demanded the papers or else they told me that I would be charged the full amount for bill in Sept 2009 . I I had no insurance on an emergence visit back in Aug 2008 and bill was reduced to only 10% of the original value . The second visit I had an operation back in Sept 2008 . They are not playing fair and using my income as the figure to calculate the financial aid . They told me that if they use my income my bill would be almost nothing . How can I fight this ? They billed me for $6000.00 , while on the second visit I had health insurance and was denied coverage by my health carrier any got no financial aide at all for the second visit as a result of having health insurance . My health insurance was denied as it was preexisting condition , but they did tell me that if the insurance paid it would be 2000.00 . My bill was increased more then 3 times the value that my insurance would have paid had I not had a preexisting condition .

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  1. Craig Dennison Robins


    Contributor Level 14

    Answered . In New York, a parent cannot be held responsible for an adult child's medical expenses. It is highly unusual for a hospital to ask for your parent's tax papers. You do not need to worry about your parents being pursued by the hospital.

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