In Montana, does the court consider a person's assets (cash, stocks, real estate) when determining child support?

Or is the calculation based solely upon income of the parents?

Billings, MT -

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Mark Alan Mackin

Mark Alan Mackin

General Practice Lawyer - Helena, MT

All assets and income are relevant to standard of living and ability to pay.

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Paul Dockstader Sullivan

Paul Dockstader Sullivan

Appeals Lawyer - Kalispell, MT

There's a formula - contained in the child support guidelines - that determines child support. The result of the formula is presumed to be the proper child support amount. However, a judge can change that amount if he decides there is a good reason for it.

The formula itself contains a large number of different line items for income and expenses. You can see the worksheet for the formula by visiting:

There is also an online child support calculator at

Be careful of other online calculators since they aren't based on the Montana Child Support guidelines.

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