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In mediation, my attorney neglected to bring up the issue of my ex-husband maintain a life insurance policy to secure his spousa

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He is 10 years older that I and has high blood pressure. Although his health is somewhat of an issue he could get hit by a bus and I would be out of luck if there is no life insurance on him. Now that mediation is complete, we have been arguing over this for 3 months and has cost me a lot in attorney fees. We now have to go on a phone conference with a Judge to try and finalize this. Can I go after my attorney when this is done and claim misrepresentation since she did not bring it up in mediation. If I had known I would have brought it up. If it had been, we would have been done with this a long time ago? Also,is my ex-husband required to maintain a life insurance policy to secure his spousal maintenance obligation. What do you think the Judge will say?

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No, the most direct way to resolve this issue is by bringing a MODIFICATION petition or motion to the court. Your current attorney can do that for you.

You are obviously upset by this. Go and explain to your attorney about your concerns. It probably would be a good idea to leave the part out that you think the attorney did a bad job, and they will probably look to get the Agreement modified.

Good Luck

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